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Ever been walking through Downtown Phoenix and see these skylights on the ground? In the early 1940s -50s, there was an underground bowling alley called The Gold Spot. And these skylights are what lit up the underground area. They are still here and can be seen on the street across from Westward Ho. Hotel San Carlos's Walk of Fame.
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  • We've updated and renovated are private areas to create venue spaces separate from bowling. These spaces can be used for weddings, baby showers, cocktail hour, conferences, and even modeling shoots. ... Let It Roll Bowl. 8925 North 12th Street Phoenix, AZ 85020-3044 602-944-4401 Get Directions. Careers Application. Hours.
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  • 6. BluO. Located in the extravagant Phoenix Mall in Viman Nagar, BluO is an extremely popular bowling spot and also, is more than just a bowling alley.Offering happy hours on drinks before 9 pm, the place is one which you simply cannot miss out on.So, bring your friends for a game of bowling and spend some quality time while sipping on some beer and dancing to great music.
  • Phoenix Underground Radio. 46 likes. The best music of the Rock and Roll Era!!!
  • Phoenix, AZ 23 days ago. Underground bowling alley in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. 3 comments. Share. About Creators. Write a comment... Comments / 0.